If for some reason you can't extend your house any way, you can always try to convert your loft. This type of conversion will benefit you, both on the short term, by increasing the habitable space of your house, and the long term by raising the value of your property.

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Management pays special attention to the planning and logistics in order to keep any eventual intrusion into your daily house activities limited to the minimum. We are also well known for paying special attention to a clean and safe work environment.

Our strength lies in our experienced workforce. We always retain the balance between supply and demand so we never overstretch our staff, allowing them to maintain the highest standards of their work.

If you are not sure that your loft is suitable for the conversion, please email us, so we can arrange a site visit. One of our competent staff will come to see you and advice you on the possible options. This is a free-of-charge and nonbinding consultation.

If there would be a big thing with most of the homeowners right now, it would be the London loft conversions and it’s no wonder when you consider all of the likely uses for such space. If you are not thinking about building an add-on to your home that will encroach on a good space for your garden, a loft conversion in London is simply the best way to go. If you need extra space or extra bedroom, a playroom or even a home office, en-suite bedroom this is what you need.

Most of the homeowners want a full London loft conversions in order to access the new floor which increase the value of the property significantly. Others only want a small area that can be suitable enough for an occasional use or additional storage. A basic conversion will not add to the value of your home as much as full loft conversion in London. However, it could still be a good solution for your needs. Either way, could help you decide and draw up plans, so as to carry out the work to your certain specifications as we specialize in London loft conversions. Whatever needs you have for your home, you can easily achieve it with loft conversions and thanks to they can be bright and cheerful. If you would like to know more about loft conversions project, here are the reasons for you:

- Property value - London loft conversions will help the value of your home to skyrocket. By simply adding up more living space in your home, if you decide to sell it, you can always ask for a higher price. Some have actually seen upwards of about 40% increase in the value of the home with renovations increasing the living space.

- Efficiency - the first thing that you will notice about changing the empty space into a loft is that, you’ll surely have more efficient climate throughout your home. What’s more is that, you will get more space, which only means that you will get a good deal of are all throughout the summer and a nice cozy warmth throughout the winter season.

- Cost effective - another benefit of loft conversion is that, you will easily find loft conversion cost effective. Whether you are thinking about doing it on your own or you need to hire a contractor like in order to renovate your property, you will surely find that it is affordable than adding up a good space or any route to getting more space within your home.

- Income - so, think about that you need of money and renting out a space within your home seems to be a good way, then you’re right. If you want to share your space with others, this actually depends upon on how you could build or simply retrofit the option within your home.

Loft or house extension in London just got a lot of benefits offered for anyone considering it. So, if you want to add more space to your property or simply create a good income from it, it would be best for you to consider this thing now and enjoy it.

London loft conversions

loft conversions in London

London is one of the most amazing cities in the world and many people living here are happy or not with the space they have, so a very popular way of extending a house and at the same time a living space these days in London is making a loft conversion. Most of lofts are suitable to be converted into new floor whether its another bedroom with an suite bathroom that you want or office or study, a storage, a playroom for the kids, gym, family room or maybe a photography studio? There are so many possibilities when you know what it is that you are looking for. Our company was established to make our customers happy with the work we do and to make them come back to us whenever they need us so feel confident with your choice as we always deliver. If you are not sure what type of loft conversion London you need feel free to call us on 079 5863 4886 so we can make on site appointment to discuss and check possibilities. If the conversion project that is suitable for your property includes a roof extension, it is called a dormer conversion, if it is a loft conversion that uses only existing space it is known as a velux or roof light conversion.
There are many loft conversions in London that do not need planning permission, however before we proceed with the project we will obtain advice from your local council.

Here we have few examples of conversions which require planning permission:
- when your house is situated in a conservation area,
- when the new loft will constitute a change of use,
- when the appearance of your house changes due to loft conversion,
- when there is more than two habitable rooms in the loft,
- when the volume of extension is more than 40 cubic metres for a terraced property and 50 cubic metres for a semi or detached house.

If planning permission is not required, your new loft extension must comply with building regulations.
With team of experts each project is unique and managed with maximum care and attention to details as well as minimum disturbance to your everyday life, so contact us today for free no obligation quote.