If you struggle with limited space, you are planning to expand your family or simply would like to increase the value of your property - a house extension seems to be the perfect solution. Specialises in smart and ergonomic ways of extending your living space. We work closely with leading architects and creative interior designers whose main goal is to maximize the usage of every square inch of your house.

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Our qualified team of experts and trusted contractors are capable of delivering projects on time and within budget. For every area of our services, we employ the professional and qualified craftsmen necessary. If the job requires a plumber, carpenter or welder, we supply them.

If you are confused with council procedures and would like to learn whether you do or don't need the 'planning permission' or should you just build under 'permitted development', we are here to help you. Our competent staffs are very efficient when it comes to deal with the local council. We can apply for suitable permissions, arrange council inspections and certification. Taking care of the paperwork, as well as construction, gives you confidence peace of mind.

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Have you decided about getting more space into the house you’re dwelling in? Are you tired with those limited space you have within your home? Would you like to make the most out of your unused loft within your residence? Well, that’s possible and house extension in London is the best answer. If you do not want to move to a new and bigger property, there’s no need for you to worry, as doing London house extension will be just enough with a company like, experts in general building in London.

This could be a less expensive way for you to get additional space for your home, plus, it enhances the value of your house as well. However, prior to making house construction, you should get some things out of the way. The first should be an approval from the local council or building regulations department and to check whether permission for planning is needed. Basically, these approvals from such departments are essential and with you do not need to worry as we can do it all for you. So, what are the things that you need to think about when getting house or flat conversion?

Here are those:
1. Area - whenever the area in which you’re thinking about building up a house extension in London will cover more than half the original area of your garden, you’ll need to get a planning permission for that.
2. Border - you should also prepare to get the planning permission once the house construction height is more than 13ft by 2ft and 6 inches of boundary regardless of the boundary part.
3. Height- this is definitely a major factor in any sort of build. Any addition to the house, which will be higher than the highest part of your roof will need some sort of approval from the local authorities.
4. Area of conservation - it’s already expected. Keep in mind that the environment always comes first and preserving what cannot be replaced easily is of the essence. Any sort of building extension within a certain area of natural beauty needs permission.
5. Listed building - being part of the cultural heritage and supported by the National Trust, keep in mind that consent has to be taken for any sort of buildings. As a matter of fact, having some sort of extension works on any listed building needs about five kinds of consent depending upon the complexity or extent of the house extension. You need planning permission, demolition or modification, advertisement content, consent for scheduled monument and even the concession available in the cost of alterations to listed buildings.
6. Residence - whenever there’s house extension in London going on to be an independent dwelling house, it would be best for you to look for the planning agreement.
7. Volume - the most apparent and noteworthy reason for making a house or flat conversion is by creating additional living space. To the guidelines being laid by the authorities, you should specify that for the increased volume from the original size of the house of the following amount that planning permission has to be taken.
8. Projections - any part of the house extension projecting beyond the main wall of the house facing up a highway or that’s less than 65ft from the highway, actually needs some sort of planning consent within your locality.

So, before you move forward with house extensions, considering those tips mentioned above would be ideal.